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Stolen Sheep Design is a young branding agency with +5 Design Sense and an immunity to all fire spells. Bill Mauro Jr. is an Elvish web-mage and Joshua Troxler is a Level 79 bard of film. Collectively, the party excels in the printing-arts, writing, and logo design.*

*Neither member has ever played Dungeons & Dragons ®, but think that the language is totally badass.

(Definitely ditching the D&D Metaphor.)


We do the print design "staples" that are logos, signage, advertisements, and of course Star Trek Infographics. We offer photography (product, portrait, etc.) and can provide you with "stock" photos of your work for continued use. If (as preposterous as this may seem) you don't see an example of what you need, just ask. If we can't do it, we'll do our best to put you in touch with someone who can.


Bill actually invented the internet in 1997 [citation needed]. He's created responsive websites, and created the most useful web-app of all time [citation needed]. He likes working with Wordpress. Oh, and people: he likes working with people too. We believe that great websites and great design don't have to cost a quadrillion dollars. You shouldn't have to pay extra for wanting to stand out.


In his spare time, Josh watches obscure Danish films that don't even have titles...or sub-titles for that matter. (And he doesn't speak a lick of Danish). When it comes to using a film to encapsulate what it is that makes you, your company, or your product unique, he's top-notch. And we promise: no arbitrary shots of floating plastic bags (unless of course your business produces a machine that arbitrarily floats plastic bags).


Here's a shocker: both of us studied art in college. Beside making us insufferable bores at dinner parties, it's given us a propensity toward getting our hands dirty as often as possible. People use the word "unique" a lot on these design sites--I did in the last paragraph--but when the opportunity rises, we like to make work as one-of-a-kind as our clients . . . And honestly: have you seen yourselves?










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